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Montréal producer Kee Avil combines guitar, voice, and electronic production to forge deconstructed songs informed by a distinctive amalgam of post-industrial, avant-pop, glitch, minimalist, and experimental folk sensibilities.
        Harnessing a background in improvised music, Kee Avil’s self-titled EP (2018, Black Bough Records) introduced the project with a triptych of layered and fractured vocal, segmented guitar, and electronic ooze, glued together by samples of screws dropped into crystal bowls.
        Catching the ear of Montréal label Constellation, Kee Avil’s debut full-length album Crease was released on the imprint in 2022, garnering widespread critical accolades and a Juno Award nomination. The Quietus called Crease “a stunning debut”, and it was a Bandcamp Album Of The Day and among its Albums Of The Year: “A debut of fiendish creativity filled with uniquely gentle terrors.”
        Crease expanded Kee Avil’s sonic and structural palette with intensive detail, revealing a compelling new voice in experimental songcraft, where touchstones include PJ Harvey, Eartheater, Shygirl, SOPHIE and Lucretia Dalt; where Juana Molina collabs with Coil, or Grouper melds with Autechre.
        Kee Avil performed Crease extensively in solo and duo configurations, playing at Ruhrtriennale, Le Guess Who?, Guelph Jazz Festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival and FME among many others, and supporting artists such as SUUNS, Stephen O’Malley, Xiu Xiu, Kikagaku Moyo and Klô Pelgag.
        The Crease Remixed EP was released in 2023 featuring reworkings by claire rousay, Ami Dang, Pelada, and Cecile Believe. Kee Avil’s follow-up full-length album Spine was released on Constellation in May 2024. 

“Both abrasive and enticing” - The Wire (2024)
"A whispered secret of grave importance." - Bandcamp Album of the Day (2024)
“An extraordinary artist whose second attempt is even more impressive than the first.“ - Der Spiegel (2024)  


“Spine affirms Kee Avil’s status of an aesthetics and production virtuoso comparable to Jlin or SOPHIE”  - The Line of Best Fit (2024)


“An off-kilter pop song driven by Avil’s visceral vocal expressions, clawing and pleading for something that seems out of reach“ - BackSeat Mafia (2024)

“ The tension paints Kee Avil’s debut in a mesmerizing landscape”. - Bandcamp Albums of the Year (2022)
"If you're a fan of the more experimental edges of PJ Harvey, Bjork and Grouper, you're gonna love this." - Mary Ann Hobbs, BBC Radio 6 (2021)

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Label: Constellation Records

2024: Spine

2023: Crease Remixed 

2022: Crease
2018: Kee Avil EP (Black Bough Records)



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Bandcamp Album of the Day - Spine

The Line of Best Fit
The Quietus
The Wire
Fifteen Questions
Le Devoir (FR)
Aural Aggravation
Der Spiegel (GE)
Impatto Sonoro (IT)
BackSeat Mafia
Foxy Digitalis
Bandcamp Album of the Day - Crease 
Le Canal Auditif (FR)

Management: Amélie Malissard

Booking (EUR):  Ricky & Giorgio (Swamp Booking)

Label: Constellation Records 

Press (UK/EUR): Lauren Barley (Rarely Unable)

Press (USA/CAN): Mark Trecka (Clandestine)

    Photo Credits:
Fatine-Violette Sabiri

Caro Etchart
Lawrence Fafard
Green Yang
Jelmer De Hass
Jaden Scholes




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