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Mark Molnar plays cello and electronics with 1/4 Tonne (Nick Keupfer and Eric Craven), Kingdom Shore, Land of Kush, and the Black Seas Ensemble, and has worked with Craig Pedersen, James Annett, David Broscoe, and the IMOO Orchestra and String Quartet. He also plays erhu and rebab in Gamelan Semara Winangun. His music has been performed by the Quasar Saxophone Quartet (Montreal), and the Thin Edge Music Collective (Toronto), and he has written and performed string arrangements for Buried Inside, If Then Do, Alaskan, and Kee Avil. He has scored films for Martin Dupuis’s Hopeful Losers, and Dave Cooper’s Squash. He has created film documents of performances by David Broscoe, H. de Heutz, and Kee Avil. He has performed the music of Wolf Edwards, Helmut Lachenmann, James Tenney, and Galina Ustvolskaya. He founded Black Bough Records in Ottawa, Ontario in 2006.

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Kingdom Shore - Stray Bullets Singing "It's not what you say but who you give it to"
Mark Molnar - Not chained to a Juke Box
Kingdom Shore - "... and all the dogs to shark"
Mark Molnar - Scratching at a Blackout


2014, Music Works

    Selected Discography:

Mark Molnar - Saturn’s Son - Book and accompanying music (Black Bough 2021)
Mark Molnar - With Regular Use It Will Become A Language (Black Bough 2021)

Kingdom Shore - ...and all the dogs to shark (Black Bough Records 2007)
Horseman, Pass By. - All Curses are Mirrors (Black Bough 2019)



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Adrian Morillo

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