Qalaq will be out on October 8th on Constellation Records. The acclaimed and uncategorizable multi-media project Jerusalem In My Heart, led by Lebanese-Canadian Radwan Ghazi Moumneh and experimental filmmaker Erin Weisgerber, returns with a new album of visceral and haunting electronics and electroacoustics.


     “Framed by Moumneh’s spoken and sung Arabic, buzuk (long-neck fretted lute) and sound design, Qalaq is the most variegated and finely wrought Jerusalem In My Heart album to  date – featuring a different guest/collaborator on every track, yet as cohesive, emotionally resonant, sonically adventurous and narratively powerful as any release in JIMH’s celebrated discography. Guests across the album's 13 tracks include Moor Mother, Tim Hecker, Lucrecia Dalt, Greg Fox, Alanis Obomsawin, Rabih Beaini and many more.
     Qalaq is an Arabic word with a meaning Moumneh particularly intends as “deep worry” – on various universal levels, needless to say, but also specifically with respect to Lebanon/Beirut, its collapsing domestic politics, economy and infrastructure, its adjacent countries and its tragic geopolitics”. (Constellation Records - Press Release extracts)

In the fall 2021,  Jerusalem In My Heart will present Qalaq live in a European & Canadian tour

31/10 BRUSSELS - La Rotonde

03/11 NANTES - le lieu unique
04/11 BORDEAUX - Blonde Venus (tickets)
05/11 BOURGES - Antre Peaux (tickets)
06/11 DIJON - La Vapeur
07/11 GENEVA - La Cave12*
08/11 CLERMONT-FERRAND - La Coopérative de Mai (tickets)**
09/11 LILLE - L'Aéronef (tickets)**
10/11 METZ - Les Trinitaires***
12/11 PARIS - La Station
19/11 RAVENNA - Bronson
20/11 CORNUDA - Tipoteca Italiana
26/11 MONTREAL - La Cinémathèque
27/11 MONTREAL - La Cinémathèque
04/12 OTTAWA - Arts Court
07/12 QUEBEC - Grand Théâtre

* with Jessica Moss
** with Thurston Moore Group
*** with Ana Roxanne


Press inquiries: Lauren Barley (UK/US/CA/World)
Ed Benndorf (EU)

Label & Licensing inquiries:

Booking / North America:
Michaël Bardier, Heavy Trip
Booking / Europe:
Krzysztof Koncerty & Mateusz Mondalski, Primitive

Photo credits:
Front cover photograph by Myriam Boulos, taken in Beirut on 18 October 2019
Back cover lettering by Kristyan Sarkis
Black and white photographs by Tony Elieh, taken in Beirut in August 2020
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