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A talented improvisor and performer, multiple award-winning violinist Meredith Bates is known for her elegant and virtuosic sound.
    She has spent most of the past twenty years recording and performing around the world in celebrated ensembles, such as Pugs and Crows (JUNO winner 2013, WCMA 2016), Gentle Party, and projects led by Vancouver music icons Tony Wilson, Ford Pier, Leah Abramson, and Peggy Lee. She is a collaborator at heart and relishes any opportunity to join forces with other like-minded artists.
    Recently, Meredith has been focusing on her own projects. She has founded a new instrumental sextet “Like the Mind’, with renowned improvisors from Canada and Sweden (Peggy Lee, Lisa Ullén, Lisen Rylander Löve, Elisa Thorn, and Emma Augustsson). In the Fall 2020, Meredith’s artist residency at Western Front in Vancouver culminated with the composition and performance of an immersive  multi-disciplinary work called Sound Migrations.
    In December 2020, she released an epic ambient and experimental debut solo album, ‘If Not Now’, produced by Chris Gestrin on Phonometrograph. Featuring lush layers of processed violin and viola, it is inspired by our relationship to one another and our natural surroundings. In June 2022, she released her secon album,  “Tesseract”, on Phonometrograph.  Both sombre and more audacious than its predecessor, it occupies the same monumental scale, swelling over two CDs.
    Meredith lives on unceded Coast Salish territory. She is the artistic director of the Vancouver Improvised Arts Society (VIAS), a non-profit organization aimed at supporting the creation and presentation of improvised works by womxn, BIPOC, and LGBTQ2S+ artists.


    See also:

2023: Tesseract
2021:  Broken Music II
2020: If Not Now, Teaser 1
2020: Isolation Commission #26

    Selected Discography

2023: Tesseract
2020: If Not Now (phonometrograph)
As performer, with other projects:
Gentle Party
Like the Mind
Peggy Lee’s Echo Painting
Pugs & Crows
Sound Migrations
Tony Wilson’s Burn Down the Cornfield

  Artistic Director

Vancouver Improvised Arts Society (VIAS)


Bandcamp (2023)
Fifteen Questions (2023)

The Vancouver Sun (2023)

Outside Left (2023)

Musicworks (2021)

Disquiet (2021)

    Press Quotes:

“There's restless innovation to these soundscapes as Meredith walks an instrument, the violin, to the very edge of its capabilities. What you hear is the sound of an artist trepanning for gold”. - Outside Left
“My first language was music. It gave me a voice and it provided the basis of my social and emotional relationships”. - interview in Fifteen Questions
"Meredith Bates was the sonic star here, her rich tone on electric violin cut with a questioning edge that kept easy sentimentality at bay." - Georgia Straight
“This sounds like broken music”- Silas Gestrin-Bates 


    Photo credit:

Marc Bjorknas
Chris Gestrin
Joanna Stoga


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